“The thing I liked best about the program were the access to the community of other mums, and the accessibility of both Kim and Jade for answering any questions that myself or other members had. It is so obvious that they are passionate about supporting women through their commitment to transparency, approachability and generously sharing their knowledge and personal experiences. They have created something really special in Fit Fab Mum – where women feel able to share their ups and downs as they navigate pre-conception, pregnancy and post-partum.

Kim and Jade are both gorgeous ladies who truly embody ‘letting your light shine’ – I’d encourage the program to anyone who is looking to start a family or is navigating the pregnancy/post partum journey! Thank you so much ladies!”

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Taria Lanham
There really isn’t anything else out there I’ve found, like the program that Kimberley & Jade have created. Being someone who is on the journey towards motherhood I instantly felt the support and knowledge in Fit Fab Mum really unique. I really enjoyed the genuine flavour their personalities bring, which is also reflected through their content. I love their approach to health and wellbeing which not only includes food + fitness but meditation + mind health as well. The opportunity to ask them questions live on their facebook group calls is so incredible. There was so much I got out of being able to ask direct questions & the energy they bring to their work is really supportive. I feel a lot more confident with the knowledge I am learning & the actions I can now take to help me on my motherhood quest.
The Fit Fab Mum programme helped me to feel full of energy and vitality. The nutrition advice was helpful and yummy! My motavation to exercise has increased thanks to the fun 30 min daily routines provided. Thank you Fit Fab Mums Kimberley and Jade!
What I love about Fit Fab Mum is that the program is holistic, it covers mind, body and soul.  The daily mindfulness and meditation are quick and easy to integrate into my busy lifestyle, the recipes are inspiring and leave me wanting to cook more and the exercise videos get me up and moving.  The whole program is tailored to suit where I’m at in my pregnancy journey, it’s not restrictive or prescriptive, it’s modern, easy to follow and is full of education and practical information useful for mums and mums-to-be!
I’ve absolutely loved Fit Fab Mum, Kimberley and Jade provide so much more than just workouts and meal plans, they Encourage us mums to nurture our minds too. I love how we are reminded to ’be kind ’ to our bodies and take each day as it comes because lets be honest some days us mums are beyond exhausted and shouldn’t be pushing ourselves to our limits. It’s about nurturing our changing bodies and feeling good from the inside out. I enjoyed feeling accountable to move my body each day and nourish it with good whole foods. You can definitely see Kimberley and Jade have a passion for helping women through an exciting and hard chapter of their live , thanks for the support!
Fit Fab Mum is excellent for busy Mums or Mums to be, who want to remain fit and healthy during pregnancy. The workouts are thoughtful and run by a qualified pre and post natal instructor who understands what your body goes through during pregnancy. In conjunction with the balanced meal plan, it also provides a balance through mindfulness and meditation exercises.